London Fine Foods is the UK's original online caviar retailer.

Through our sister companies, Shah Caviar & Exmoor Caviar we are very proud to be able to offer a selection of the finest caviars available. All caviars are packed in our Central London facility under expert hand and eye so that only the finest caviars are sent to you. All caviar is packed to order with a 3-month shelf life from the day of repacking. Caviar is packed into specially designed vacuum sealed tins to keep your caviar in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Once open, we recommend using within 2-3 days.

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Shah Caviar has been trading since 2010 and supplies the majority of Michelin Star restaurants, 5 Star Hotels and Private Members Clubs in London and across the UK. With an extensive knowledge on the worldwide caviar industry we can help to recommend a caviar just right for you. Our chosen selection covers a variety of types of caviar including the famous Imperial Beluga Caviar to some newer world caviars. With a variance in flavour, colour, size and texture each caviar is unique and offers a different experience. So whether you’re having a canape party or looking to garnish a dinner party dish, or even to have it our favourite way straight off the back of the hand we have a caviar for you.

Exmoor Caviar is the first caviar farm set up in the UK in 2011. Exmoor Caviar operates a flow-through system utilising the abundance of naturally flowing Spring Water from the River Mole. A small, artisan producer, Exmoor Caviar is only produced in the natural spawning cycle of the sturgeon which grow out at natures intended pace in the pools fed by the River Mole. The caviar is produced using pure Cornish Sea Salt. It is this salt, along with the purity of the water that gives Exmoor Caviar its unique flavour.

Shah Caviar & Exmoor Caviar supply into a combined 64 Michelin Stars throughout the UK. This is a true testament to the highest quality caviars supplied. Shah Caviar & Exmoor Caviar are incredibly proud to have The Ledbury, The Fat Duck & Dinner, Le Manoir, The Araki, Umu, Restaurant Sat Bains, Bibendum by Claude Bosi and many more as customers.

We aim to be as transparent as possible, in an industry that hasn’t always has these credentials. We work very closely with CITES who control all sturgeon and caviar production. Producing top quality caviar is a costly thing these days. For example, the Huso Huso Sturgeon that produces Beluga Caviar takes minimum 18 years to mature. It is this growing time and care to the fish that gives caviar its cost so knowing which sturgeon produce which caviar is very important. All sturgeon species are given in our product pages as well as country of origin. When we say Beluga, we really mean Beluga! Please see the full list of Latin Species names, common names and CITES codes below for more information. A full CITES code must be on every tin of caviar and this code tells you all you need to know about what it is the tin. A CITES code looks like this:

HUS/C/DE/2017/GB0011/I125-6 ‘HUS’ denotes the species of sturgeon from which the caviar is produced from. Please note hybrid caviars will start DAUxSCH/C/CN….. ‘C’ is for a cultivated sturgeon meaning it is farmed not wild. Some sister species of sturgeon like the American Hackleback may sometimes have ‘W’ for wild. ‘DE’ represents country of origin, in this case Germany. IR would be for Iran, CN for China and so on. ’2017’ shows the year of production ‘GB0011’ is the individual repacking license granted by CITES. This shows the last person to have handled the caviar. A full list of CITES license holders can be found on their website ( ‘I125-6’ represents the batch number for that specific tin. Using this part of the code, a single tin can be traced back to an individual sturgeon. We have expert knowledge in caviar, so please feel free to call us to chat more about our range of caviar to determine which will be the best for you. We are available on 020 7223 3677.