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Royal Beluski Caviar


Our Royal Beluski is a ‘New World’ caviar. A hybrid caviar produced from a close relation to the mighty Beluga Huso Huso Sturgeon, this caviar has a very large grain and shows a light brown to emerald colour. A firmer textured yet buttery caviar with a distinct complex flavour. Priced at £2200 per kilo. Sturgeon Species: Huso Dauricus x Acipenser Schrenkii (DAUxSCH)

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Royal Beuski Caviar

Produced in China, who are now the largest caviar producers in the world and are infact very good at it! 


Caviar Pairing Notes

The fuller flavour of this caviar means it can be paired with something a little stronger. Great used in a classic champagne sauce with Turbot or Brill, or piled onto a jacket potato.