Wagyu Beef is world renowned as being the most luxurious breed of cattle. Famed for it’s highly marbled and tender meat, this truly is a steak to be reckoned with.

Literally translated as ‘Japanese Cow’- Wagyu has it’s origins in the small town of Kobe in the south of Japan near Osaka. Stories of the how this breed of cattle became famous for producing the marbled, tender rich meat that it does are legendary. Massaging the cattle, playing them music and even feeding them beer are all spoken about contributing to their unique flavour and texture.

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Wagyu cattle are also now farmed in Australia and Chile, where the majority of our Wagyu Beef comes from. The Australian Wagyu Association is the second largest association outside of Japan producing both full blood and cross bed cattle.

Wagyu Beef can be used in a variety of ways. Traditional shabu shabu method of cooking in Japan is perfect for this type of beef, with thin strips being quickly cooked in hot bowls of stock keeping the beef very tender. With a texture unique to any other beef and a richness highly sought after, simply griddling a whole steak is a great and very simple way to cook and enjoy wagyu.

Our Wagyu is cut especially for London Fine Foods and we check every muscle that we have. We offer Ribeye, Striploin(sirloin), Fillet and Rump but we have all secondary cuts available too. Our steaks are cut into 250g and roasting joints at 1kg. Should you require any other cut, size or muscle then please do let us know.

Our Wagyu is graded ‘MSC’ for Marble Score Chart, with the higher numbers indicating a more densely marbled steak. We have selected a MSC 3-5 and MSC 8-9 for you on all of our cuts.

All Wagyu comes vacuum sealed and is flash frozen keeping it at it’s absolute best until you need it. We pack with plenty of ice packs and it is sent out in polystyrene boxes ensuring temperature control in transit

Japanese Wagyu is also available on request. Please call a member of our team to discuss further.