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Exmoor Caviar

Our Story

About Us: About Us

Royal Permission to farm the Royal Fish.

Exmoor Caviar was established in 2010 by Ken Benning; the first and only person in 691 years to be granted permission to farm the Royal Fish within the Realm. Since 1324, when King Edward II decreed that the sturgeon fish shall be Royalany such fish found within the realm was deemed property of the Monarch. Having worked for many years with caviar farms across Europe and beyond, Exmoor Caviar became a reality after successfully seeking granted permission from HM The Queen in 2013. The Duke of Edinburgh was first ever paying customer of Exmoor Caviar.

Exmoor Caviar set out to produce the finest British culinary product, that it would satisfy the most discerning of palates. Today Exmoor Caviar will be found on Michelin Starred menus throughout the UK, many of whom have been supporters of ours since the beginning of our journey.

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