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Exmoor Caviar - Imperial Beluga


Still the most recognised name in caviar, Beluga is still considered 'King of Caviar'. Famous for its very large pearlescent grey eggs, this caviar is full and rich in flavour with a rounded and long creamy finish. Priced at £4800 per kilo. Sturgeon Species: Huso Huso (HUS)

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Imperial Beluga Caviar

Imperial Beluga

Huso Huso- Beluga/Giant Sturgeon


3.4mm+, light pearlescent grey

Beluga has always been regarded as the king of caviars, and with the very large, ultra rich grains it is hard to argue any different. Beluga does give a richness and flavour profile which other caviars find difficult to match, purely due to the length of time it takes to grow these majestic sturgeon. Our Beluga is all produced from fish 18 years upwards, weighing at least 120kg.


Caviar Pairing Notes

A caviar of this magnitude should only be enjoyed with a glass of your favourite champagne or ice cold vodka.


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All of our caviar has a 3 month refrigerated shelf life.