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Exmoor Caviar - Cornish Salted Baerii


As our ‘entry level’ caviar, Baerii offers fantastic value for money. Produced at our partner farm in Germany, and now produced with the same Pure Cornish Sea Salt we use to make our own UK produced caviar. A traditional caviar showing a medium sized roe with colours ranging from black to medium browns. Priced at £1400 per kilo. Sturgeon species: Acipenser Baerii (BAE)

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About Baerii Caviar

Cornish Salted Baerii

BAE- A.Baerii- Siberian Sturgeon


2.8-3mm, black to grey

Seasoning roe with Cornish Sea Salt is what really put us on the map and something we still love. The high mineral salt gives a flavour like no other and is a perfect seasoning for Baerii, being a younger growing species the flavour profile is akin to the ozone brininess of oysters. A more luxuriously giving texture and very creamy finish.


Caviar Pairing Notes

This caviar is wonderful for canapes, served with smoked salmon or eggs. Add a layer of Baerii Caviar to provide a modern twist to a traditional steak tartare! 


Recommended by

A favourite caviar of  Michelin chef & Exmoor Caviar Brand Ambassadors Brad Carter & Ollie Dabbous


All of our caviar has a 3 month refrigerated shelf life.