Baby Stilton Cheese, 2.5kg
  • Baby Stilton Cheese, 2.5kg

Baby Stilton Cheese, 2.5kg


Universally recognised as the King of Cheeses, this traditional English Stilton is smooth and boasts a full-bodied flavour. Drizzle with White Truffle Honey for an additional spoonful of deliciousness.


Baby Stilton, 2.5kg, whole wheel

There are just six dairies licensed to make Stilton and, in order to warrant the name, the cheese must be made in the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire from local milk which is pasteurized before use. It also must be made in a traditional cylindrical shape allowing for the formation of its own crust or coat. London Fine Foods not only sources the very best Stilton, we can assure you that all our cheeses are loving stored in optimum conditions, to always give you the very best cheeses available.

This cheese comes as a full wheel weighing 2.5kg, an ideal gift size for Christmas. This un-pressed cheese has delicate blue veins and a rich, full flavour. 

Serving Suggestions

This is the ultimate centrepiece for a cheeseboard for a big function or for a Christmas table. The rich luxurious flavours are perfectly paired with port, red wine and truffle honey.

Product Information

Full Baby Stilton 2.5kg

Origin: England
Region: Cropwell Bishop, Notts.
Made by: Cropwell Bishop Creamery
Type: Blue
Milk: Cow
Milk Treatment: Pasteurised
Coagulant: Vegetarian Rennet