Vacherin Mont D'Or, 400g
  • Vacherin Mont D'Or, 400g

Vacherin Mont D'Or, 400g


Vacherin Mont D'or becomes meltingly delicious as it matures. When perfectly ripe, Vacherin is so smooth and runny it can be eaten with a spoon! Only available in Winter months.


Vacherin Mont D'or 400g

Back in Season once again - The Vacherin Mont D'or is the gourmet cheese. It is shaped in cloth-lined moulds then encircled with a strip of spruce bark and washed with brine for at least three weeks. The spruce imparts a resinous flavour to the pale interior of the cheese, which becomes almost meltingly delicious as it matures. Only available in Winter months.


Serving Suggestions

Bake in the box for a short while to make an instantly delicious cheese fondue served with crusty bread. Add a little white wine and sliced garlic or black truffle before baking.


Product Information

French unpasteurised cheese, boxed, 400g, chilled.

Origin: France
Region: Frânche-Comté
Made by: Fromagerie Napiot
Type: Soft
Milk: Cow