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Morteau Sausage, 300g
  • Morteau Sausage, 300g

Morteau Sausage, 300g


​Saucisse de Morteau is a splendid smoked French sausage


Saucisse de Morteau

Made only from ethically reared pigs with traditional feeds, to ensure the highest quality meat. It is then mixed with spices and smoked over beech for 48 hours, to give it the highly distinctive and delicious taste and aroma of the classic Morteau. Saucisse de Morteau is a splendid French smoked sausage.


Serving Suggestions

The delicious smokey flavours come out beautifully then the sausage is sliced and panfried. Serve with sauteed potatoes and onions for a rustic feast.


Product Description

One sausage, 300g, vacuum sealed, chilled.