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Fresh Black Winter Truffles from Australia


Fresh Black Winter Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) have a dark black flesh, beautifully marbled with distinct white veining and deep earthy flavours. Available in Europe November-January and from Australia June-August. Please note we receive truffles on Wednesdays only so all orders must be in by Tuesdays for deliveries on Thursdays or Fridays.

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Fresh Black Winter Truffle

Now available most of the year round as they are foraged in both the Northern & Southern hemisphere are opposing times of the year, these Black Winter Truffles are a very good alternative to the French Perigord Truffles.


Serving Suggestions

Fresh pasta and risotto are classic ways to enjoy these beautiful Black Winter Truffles, they can also be used in many meat & poultry dishes. 


Product Details

We offer Fresh Black Winter Truffles in 30g and 50g, approximately the size of a golf ball. Larger pieces are available priced per gram, please call our Customer Service Team on 020 7223 3677 for more information. Priced at 1800 per kilo.