Fougerus, 700g
  • Fougerus, 700g

Fougerus, 700g


Fougerus is a soft buttery brie which is sweet and salty with mushroom hints, adorned with a fern leaf.


Fougerus, 700g

Made by Rouzaire and aged for about 4 weeks, this creamy Brie-like cheese owes it name to the fern leaves that adorn the top of each cheese.

The delicate flavours of Fougerus are matched by the decorative motif of a pressed fern frond that decorates each wheel, it has a is mould-ripened white rind with a fern leaf on top; soft, creases and turns from light yellow to brown.

A soft buttery brie like cheese which is creamy, sweet and salty with mushroom hints.


Serving Suggestions

A visually attractive alternative to Brie on any cheeseboard. Great with grapes. Best eaten when it is ripe and gooey.


Product Information

700g wrapped cheese adorned with fern leaf

Origin: France
Region: Ile-de-France
Made by: Rouaite
Type: Soft
Milk: Cow
Milk Treatment: Raw
Coagulant: Traditional Rennet