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Foie Gras en Croute


Georges Bruck de Strasbourg Foie Gras D'Oie 'Truffe' en Croute, a delicious goose foie gras with Black Winter Truffles.

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Foie Gras 'En Croute'

The famous "Foie Gras de Strasbourg" with Truffles in a delicious round crust. The "Georges Bruck" name is associated with highest-quality foie gras in the best places all over the world; such as Lafayette Gourmet, La Grande Epicerie and Fortnum & Mason. The pastry is entirely set by hand, in order to obtain a round and regular form following which is placed in a metallic mould. The fresh truffles are cut into pieces and mixed with the spiced lobes of the goose foie gras. Once the ingredients are added, it is baked at a low temperature, creating the delicious croute for the foie gras.


Product Details

A gourmet dish that makes an impressive table centrepiece! 


Available in the following sizes:

Size 000 – 6 Persons: 355g - £219.95

Size 00 – 8 Persons: 425g - £249.95

Size 0 – 10 Persons: 480g - £279.95

Size 1 – 12 Persons: 560g - £339.95

Size 2 – 15 Persons: 700g - £439.95

Size 3 – 20 Persons: 915g -£519.95

Size 4 – 25 Persons: 1.090 kg - £599.95

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