Espelette Pepper, 45g
  • Espelette Pepper, 45g

Espelette Pepper, 45g


A flowery and fiery ground chilli from the AOC controlled Basque region.


Espelette Pepper

This flowery chilli pepper is grown in the Basque microclimate. Originally brought over from Mexico, it was awarded an AOC (Area of Controlled Origin) label in 2000 meaning that only chilli from this area can be called Espelette Pepper.


Serving Suggestions

Espelette Pepper can be used to add some sweet heat to many vegetable, meat and fish dishes, it would be a good substitute for an unsmoked paprika. It is also wonderful added to a dark hot chocolate to give it a little extra kick.


Product Information

100% ground Espelette Pepper, glass jar, 45g, ambient.