Cashel Blue, 1.8kg
  • Cashel Blue, 1.8kg

Cashel Blue, 1.8kg


Cashel Blue Cheese is a creamy blue from Ireland with a fantastic balance of saltiness and blueness.


Cashel Blue, 1.8kg

Cashel Blue Cheese has a rich, buttery yellow colouring with a moist grey rind. The cheese itself has a hint of spice almost hidden amongst its deep blue flavours.

Developed by the Grubb family in the 1980s, Cashel was the original artisanal Irish blue and is still made on the family farm in western Ireland. The cheese is matured for up to six months before being wrapped in its trademark gold foil.


Serving Suggestions

Cashel Blue is mild in flavour for a blue cheese with a low salt content which means that it works very well with a drizzle of honey or some quince jelly. For a perfect combination try this tangy blue with an Indian Pale Ale.


Product Information

Gold Foil Wrapped 1.8kg Blue Cheese. Suitable for vegetarians.

Origin: Ireland
Region: Co. Tipperary
Made by: Louis & Jane Grubb
Type: Blue
Milk: Cow
Milk Treatment: Raw
Coagulant: Vegetarian Rennet