Truffles have long been associated with the most luxurious and sought after products in the world and rightly so! Their intoxicating aroma makes them impossible to resist and add a depth of flavour to food that very few products can boast.

Fresh truffles are still the ultimate way to enjoy this superb natural delicacy, but truffle oils, butters, salts & purees offer a fantastic alternative. Truffles are classically used for famous Italian dishes such as pasta and risotto, but truffles are hugely diverse and superb enjoyed with meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables.

Please note we receive truffles on Wednesdays only so all orders must be in by Tuesdays for deliveries on Thursdays or Fridays.


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Fresh truffles are still to this day collected as they have been for centuries. Highly trained(and highly valuable!!) dogs sniff out these black diamonds buried in the forest floors where they thrive. Best in the winter months when Alba and Perigord truffles are in season, although fresh truffles are available most of the year round. White truffles are the rarest and hold the shortest season. A perfumed hit and slightly garlicy, these are delicate and quite divine. Black truffles, especially winter truffles are earthy and nutty and provide a deep, rich mushroomy hit to any dish.

We work with a selected cooperative in Northern Italy who provide us with truffles twice a week, generally on a Tuesday and Thursday. This way we can ensure that you receive your truffles in their best possible condition.

We deliver our truffles in small vacuum bags to help to keep all of their flavour and aroma locked in. Store in a cool part of your fridge and consume as quickly as possible. Truffles will keep for over a week but with each passing day they will lose a little of their magic.

A London Fine Foods top tip for truffles is to store in a sealed container with rice, pasta or eggs. The flavour of the truffle will be absorbed for that extra hit of truffle when cooking a dish.

Please see out handy table of which truffles are in season when.

Truffle Season
Perigord/Black Winter TruffleTuber MelanosporumNovember-January
Black Autumn TruffleTuber BrumaleSeptember-January
Black Summer TruffleTuber AestivumMay-September
Chinese Black Truffle(frozen)Tuber IndicumAll year
Alba/White Winter TruffleTuber Magnatum PicoOctober-January
Spring White TruffleTuber BorchiiFebruary- April