Foie gras has risen to culinary royalty due to its’s rich and buttery flavour and texture. This classic French delicacy from the fattened liver of ducks and geese produces something truly special and ultimately luxurious.

We offer two varieties of foie gras- goose and duck. Duck foie gras now accounts for the majority of foie gras production especially in France, mainly due to price. Duck foie has a full and gamey flavour whilst goose foie gras is more delicate and has a smoother, more luxurious texture.

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Foie gras has been produced in France for centuries but is now produced all over the world and has global acclaim. We have selected a few French producers, experts in their craft to offer a variety of foie gras products.  Pates, mousses, terrines, fresh and frozen, we have all bases covered. Classically served as a pate or terrine, this makes a wonderful dinner party starter. We have a range of terrines ready to go, all that is needed is some crusty French bread and some chutney. Pain d’epices, a French spiced honey bread is also a superb accompaniment to foie gras and figs work well too to cut the richness. Whole lobes can be bought too should you wish to have a go at making your own terrine, or these are equally good sliced and pan-fried.