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Fresh Duck Magret (Exclusive)

Fresh Duck Magret (Exclusive)

Farmed in the South West of France, the difference between a normal duck breast and succulent 'Magret' goes beyond definition.

Magret refers to the breasts of ducks that have been cornfed and raised to produce foie gras. These Magret breasts, supplied to you by London Fine Foods, have been bred by traditional artisan methods. As these ducks have been brought up in humane conditions, the resulting product is a generously large, tender and leaner meat than that of a regular supermarket duck.

You'll find that this fresh Magret is more reminiscent of a red meat than poultry meat.

Tenderly prepared to give you the most authentically delicious flavour, the best way to cook the Magret breast is by scoring the skin with a sharp knife, and pan-fry the breast in a medium to hot dry pan, constantly draining the fat, to give a crispy finish to the skin.

Each breast is typically 400g and when thinly carved will serve 2 - 4 people.

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