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Dried Powdered Cep, 125g

Dried Powdered Cep, 125g

Porcini Powder a.k.a: Cep Powder, Boletus Edulis and King Bolete. This powder is excellent to add to a large variety of  recipes. It has a beef-like, mild salty flavor. 100% Bolete Powder, no  additives.

The powder is  made from 100% King Boletes (Boletus Edulis). It is concentrated with no added ingredients. We make this powder very fine so it can be added to a large variety  of recipes. Add it to lasagna, soups, stews, sauces, rice dishes,  practically anything. It is great for dishes that you want to add a beef-like flavor to. Porcini mushrooms have a wonderful flavor and  are very popular in Italian dishes.    

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