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Balsamic Vinegar Tradizionale di Modena 25 years, 10cl

Balsamic Vinegar Tradizionale di Modena 25 years, 10cl


This is extra-vecchio Balsamic vinegar Tradizionale di Modena, which means it is aged for a minimum of 25 years. This is such an exclusive product that even the bottle itself is controlled. Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena can only be bottled in a 10cl bottle designed by Giugiaro.

To be defined as balsamico the vinegar has to be made from the must of ripe grapes grown within the Modena region. The must is removed before fermentation to ensure that no alcohol is produced.

No sugar, colouring, or flavourings are permitted. The Balsamic vinegar Tradizionale di Modena is aged in wooden barrels which permit evaporation. After 12 years the Balsamic vinegar Tradizionale di Modena has reduced to one barrel from an original 18 barrels! And after 25 years ageing a thick luscious balsamic vinegar is produced.

Drizzled over Foie Gras, or a fine mature cheese, this is a culinary masterpiece, and makes a fine gift.

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