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London Fine Foods Group is the original online UK fine foods service that has been supplying the highest quality luxury foods via the web since 2003. We are experts in providing high quality luxury food with an exceptional food knowledge service at very competitive prices.


Over the years, many other copycat websites have come and gone, trying to imitate our services; however we have always remained on top when it comes to our knowledge and customer service.


We buy (on behalf of our customers) the finest foods that money can buy. Through our core network of key suppliers that form the supply line into every Michelin starred restaurant in the UK, we are able to supply to you the finest, highest quality food produce at prices that are simply unobtainable elsewhere, taking quality and freshness into account. We enable you, our customer, to buy those exact same products and ingredients that a Michelin starred restaurant would serve to its customers.

Moreover we understand that our customers want to go that extra mile when it comes to home cuisine. So please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions on 08456 439 121 or email us at Customer Service if you have any queries at all we will be more than happy to help you.



Kenneth Benning
Managing Director

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