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London Fine Foods is the UK's largest and oldest online retailer of Fresh Truffles, Preserved Truffles and other Truffle related products. Whether you are looking for a truffle butter, truffle oil or a kilo of fresh Alba, we can help you with all of your truffle enquiries.

Truffles have never lost their revered position among the world’s chefs and gastronomes. By some, they are considered an aphrodisiac. They have supreme flavours and unrivalled abilities to stimulate appetite, and any truffle supplied by us is an ultimate accompaniment to even simple dishes. Truffles really are food for a true Foodie.

Our whole tinned and frozen truffles are available all year round and during the high truffle season, we fly our fresh white and black truffles over from France and Italy, providing you, without doubt, the best truffles you will come across.

Truffle gathering still remains an ancient art, practised by a select few in the regions of Peidmont in Italy and Perigord in France. Even in years when conditions are quite perfect, only small quantities of ‘culinary diamond’ are unearthed.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us on 08456 439 121.

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Fresh Black Winter Truffle, 30g - WHblackwinter30g
More Info

Fresh Black Winter Truffle, 30g

Deep earthy aromas and flavours, a real autumnal delight. (More)
Fresh Alba White Italian Truffle, 30g* - WHalbatruffle30g
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Fresh Alba White Italian Truffle, 30g*

The finest truffle, gastronomically unique and wonderfully intoxicating. (More)
Products per page:

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