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London Fine Foods is very proud to offer an abundant selection of the finest gourmet mushrooms available. We have the finest fresh Cep and Morel mushrooms from France and Italy, as well as many other speciality mushrooms that most mainstream retailers do not have access to.

Due to the seasonality of the fresh mushrooms, we have gone to great lengths to find the perfect suppliers of frozen and dried mushrooms, allowing you the access to these wonderfully versatile ingredients at any point in the year.

Availability and price may fluctuate throughout the year dependent on yield, but rest assured that all of our mushrooms are of the very finest quality available. If you have any questions on seasonality of fresh mushrooms we are here to help on 08456 439 121.
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Dried Powdered Cep, 125g - ceppowder125g
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Dried Powdered Cep, 125g

A wonderful way to harness the rich Cep flavours all year round.

Dried Trompettes de la mort, 125g - driedtrompette
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Dried Trompettes de la mort, 125g

An earthy mushroom with a flavour that works very well in stocks and sauces.

Fresh Mushroom Mix of The Day, 1kg - freshmushroommix1kg
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Fresh Mushroom Mix of The Day, 1kg

A fresh mix of 6 varieties of Exotic Cultivated & Wild Mushrooms.

Wild Black Trompette de la mort 250g - WHblacktrompette250g
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Wild Black Trompette de la mort 250g

These tiny black mushrooms are bursting with flavour, delicious in sauces.
Grey Chanterelle, fresh, 1kg - greychanterelles
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Grey Chanterelle, fresh, 1kg

A little less full in flavour as its yellow cousin but still a delicious mushroom.

Yellow Chanterelles, frozen, 1kg - WHchanterelles1kg
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Yellow Chanterelles, frozen, 1kg

A traditional favourite, with a robust flavor, light fragrance and interesting colour.

Yellow Chanterelles, fresh, 1kg - WHchanterelles250g
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Yellow Chanterelles, fresh, 1kg

A traditional mushroom favourite, with a refined fragrance and vibrant colour.

Fresh Wild Mousserons, 1kg - whmousseronwm13000
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Fresh Wild Mousserons, 1kg

Exceptionally tasty, small beige-brown colored bell-shaped wild mushrooms.

Dried Morels, 50g - driedmorels50
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Dried Morels, 50g

Delicious superior quality dried morels, very easy to use.

Fresh Pied Bleu 1kg - WHpiedbleu250g
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Fresh Pied Bleu 1kg

They taste delicious fried with bacon or cooked in creamy sauces, casseroles and risotto.
French Dried Sliced Ceps, 500g - driedceps500
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French Dried Sliced Ceps, 500g

A fleshy mushroom prized for its refined flavour. (More)

Fresh Ceps, 1kg - freshceps
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Fresh Ceps, 1kg

Ceps, also knows as Porcini Mushrooms are the true King of Mushrooms!

Fresh European Girolles 1kg - WHfreshgirolles1kg
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Fresh European Girolles 1kg

A subtle-tasting mushroom, great in stews, risottos or omelettes.
Frozen Morels, 1kg - frozenmorels1kg
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Frozen Morels, 1kg

A fantastic product allowing delicious morel flavours all year round.

Wild Black Trompette de la mort 1kg - WHblacktrompette1kg
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Wild Black Trompette de la mort 1kg

These tiny black mushrooms are bursting with flavour, delicious in sauces.
Fresh Wild Morilles, 1kg - WHfreshmorels1kg
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Fresh Wild Morilles, 1kg

These fresh Morilles are very easy to use and have a wonderful flavour.
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