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London Fine Foods is proud to present to you a selection of the finest Ham and Salami.

These gourmet products are lovingly sourced and stored so that when they arrive at your table you only get the very best hams in the very best condition.

Choose from our handpicked selection of the finest Iberico and beautiful Italian hams; as always your culinary enjoyment is our pleasure.

Don't be fooled by cheap supermarket promotions ! As they say, you get what you pay for.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 08456 439 121 if you would like any advice.

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Morteau Sausage, 300g - classiscmorteau
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Morteau Sausage, 300g

Saucisse de Morteau is a splendid French smoked sausage. (More)
Proscuitto Sliced Ham 400g - FFproscuittofruili2FM45
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Proscuitto Sliced Ham 400g

This a superior product. Thin sliced for easy serving. (More)
Sliced Serrano ham 500g - CFFslicedserranoham
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Sliced Serrano ham 500g

Mouthwatering elegant slices of dusky pink meat covered lightly with a ribbon of fat.
Flexible Charcuterie Knife - LFFflexibleknife
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Flexible Charcuterie Knife

Specially crafted to ensure even slicing without tearing. (More)
Whole Coppa, 1.25kg - coppasmezzata
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Whole Coppa, 1.25kg

With its woody taste and sweet, delicate aroma, this is a must-have. (More)
Iberico Lomo, whole, 500g - wholelomo
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Iberico Lomo, whole, 500g

A premium-quality salami made from the loin of the acorn-fed Iberian pig

Bodega ham stand - Tasteofibericobodegahamstand
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Bodega ham stand

This ensures perfect positioning of the ham for easy slicing. A fantastic centrepiece for any table. (More)
Iberian Acorn Ham (on the bone) - Tasteofibericoiberianacornhambone
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Iberian Acorn Ham (on the bone)

Exceptional for its distinctive silky bands of luscious, smooth meat. (More)
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